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  • Reply to: Taxpayers Are Funding a Special Needs Vouchers Scam   2 years 2 months ago

    Parents should make the decision if the school is meeting the needs of their child. Their ability to take some of their tax dollars to do this is great. If we are providing great services in public ed, parents will choose to stay. If not, they are free to make a change. Competition is a good thing. Expressing genuine concern is one thing, calling it a scam when there is no indication that it is is wrong.

  • Reply to: Five Questions You Should Ask about Secretary of Education Nominee Betsy DeVos   2 years 2 months ago

    For Ms. DeVos: Would you push for a "slumlord" law, which would force politicians who are opposed to school choice, to send their children to public school?

  • Reply to: How “School Choice” Left Us No Choice   2 years 2 months ago
    Emanuel sends his children to private school.
  • Reply to: Hasta La Vista Arne! Duncan’s Failed Education Legacy   2 years 2 months ago

    All the more reason for school choice.

  • Reply to: Wounded beyond PTSD: War Trauma and “Moral Injury”   2 years 2 months ago
    A divinity school is exactly where you should be able to hear about atonement, a term literally made from "at" plus "one", look it up. To atone, you have to repent. To repent, what you did has to be repudiated. If the "treatment" is just to explain it all away, obviously that will only bury the guilt in cosmetics, giving you a frozen smile. I'm glad at the end of the article Brock came closer to addressing the crimes involved. That's what divinity schools are for.
  • Reply to: Hillary Could Win Iowa Caucuses But Lose the Popular Vote: Here's How   2 years 2 months ago
    Swing and a miss.
  • Reply to: McCarthyism: Then and Now   2 years 2 months ago
    A succinct reflective analysis of deja vu. But what's missing is an explanation of Fred Koch's raison d'etre, along with Welch and others, for creating the JBS. Perhaps there existed a Moscow "mule" or "mole" who compromised our democratic way of life. What transpired in Fred's continuing benefits and beliefs during M.I.T. and subsequent years was perhaps use of Soviet handlers in the 1930's and early 40's? My family never disparaged Joseph McCarthy, but I do not know why. Perhaps, like Fred Koch, he had been "handled" by others on the "Bank on the Fox."
  • Reply to: McCarthyism: Then and Now   2 years 2 months ago
    Ahh, two faces of fascism, and I am wondering if the Progressive illuminates light on those faces. Here, from the Black Agenda Report, Glen Ford, "In decadence and decline, the U,S. has produced two strong strains of fascism that now vie for supremacy. The First Black President, now outgoing, represents the 'cosmopolitan, global obsessed' variety of fascist. Donald Trump hails from an older fascist strain, 'crude and petty, too ugly for global prime time.' At this stage in history, the two corporate parties seem incapable of producing anything other than fascists of one kind or the other." And what does Obama give Trump as a house warming gift? This year’s NDAA is Obama's special Big Brother Ministry of Propaganda -- the passage of the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act which establishes the little known or discussed Global Engagement Center. Imperial control, globally, a bit more turbo charged than the alcoholic McCarthy.
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    Part of what scares me about the "new" McCarthyism is that a loyalty program is no longer needed. The government and the corporations that hold so much power already have our information, and can skew it how they wish. Unity seems to be what we need. If we stand together, talk with one another (even with those who hold opposing views), and refuse to be turned against one another, we can stop the fascism that has taken hold.
  • Reply to: Menards Settles with NLRB, Agrees to Stop Violating Employee Rights   2 years 2 months ago
    I was fired from Menards for the attendance points system which I should of been suspended first as it states in the employee hand book . But yet not just a week or two before another team member was gone for almost two weeks which I know he didn't get doctors notes for all those days but cause he has been friends with GM and has history from other stores he still has his job. Explain where that is fair. I admit I should of made better decisions but I also feel I deserved displinary action before termination . Corporate will hear about this .



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By Wendell Berry

Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front

Love the quick profit, the annual raise,
vacation with pay. Want more 
of everything ready made. Be afraid 
to know your neighbors and to die.
And you will have a window in your head.
Not even your future will be a mystery 
any more. Your mind will be punched in a card 
and shut away in a little drawer.
When they want you to buy something 
they will call you. When they want you
to die for profit they will let you know. 
So, friends, every day do something
that won’t compute. Love the Lord. 
Love the world. Work for nothing. 
Take all that you have and be poor.
Love someone who does not deserve it. 
Denounce the government and embrace 
the flag. Hope to live in that free 
republic for which it stands. 
Give your approval to all you cannot
understand. Praise ignorance, for what man 
has not encountered he has not destroyed.
Ask the questions that have no answers. 
Invest in the millennium. Plant sequoias.
Say that your main crop is the forest
that you did not plant,
that you will not live to harvest.

Say that the leaves are harvested 
when they have rotted into the mold.
Call that profit. Prophesy such returns.
Put your faith in the two inches of humus 
that will build under the trees
every thousand years.
Listen to carrion—put your ear
close, and hear the faint chattering
of the songs that are to come. 
Expect the end of the world. Laugh. 
Laughter is immeasurable. Be joyful
though you have considered all the facts. 
So long as women do not go cheap 
for power, please women more than men.
Ask yourself: Will this satisfy 
a woman satisfied to bear a child?
Will this disturb the sleep 
of a woman near to giving birth? 
Go with your love to the fields.
Lie easy in the shade. Rest your head 
in her lap. Swear allegiance 
to what is nighest your thoughts.
As soon as the generals and the politicos 
can predict the motions of your mind, 
lose it. Leave it as a sign 
to mark the false trail, the way 
you didn’t go. Be like the fox 
who makes more tracks than necessary, 
some in the wrong direction.
Practice resurrection.

Wendell Berry is a poet, farmer, and environmentalist in Kentucky. This poem, first published in 1973, is reprinted by permission of the author and appears in his “New Collected Poems” (Counterpoint).

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